Feb 122017

Announcement of SANKALP program in the Union Budget of India 2017

On understanding the importance of training youths and adults towards the skill oriented process in order to reduce the unemployment rate from nation, the nation’s finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley recently announced the introduction of the SANKALP program while presenting his union general budget of 2017 in the parliamentary house.

Finance Minister Speech in the house

After clearing the chaos which created after death of the former union minister in the house, about the budget session Mr. Arun Jaitley started to starts to present union budget 2017 after conveying his condolence to the ex minister’s death.

As many expected the Mr Jaitley presented the budget 2017 which is beneficial for the middle class people and lower class people in form of taxation relief, FM never fails to touch all the sectors other than the tax reformation part which is highly expected the opposition and also the common man of the nation.

While addressing the issues in house, Mr Jaitley quoted that youths and adults are in lack of skills owing to that the unemployment problem arising the country. In order to sort out the difficulties, the centre is about to introduce the SANKALP program but which the skill training will be provided to the youths and needed adults of the nation, as it helps them to boost the chances to getting into job.

SANKALP program

With the aim of providing better skill training for the potential youths and to drive them towards the entrepreneurship, the SANKALP (Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion) program is about to implemented all over the nation. Some of the highlighting features of the recently announced skill training program in budget are listed below

  • For better implementation of this skill training program, the central government has approved 4 thousand crore amount in order to provide better training courses which are relevant to the current market scenario.
  • Mr. Arun Jaitley in his budget-2017 presentation, he himself granted the sum of Rs. 3 thousand crore for the development of skills and entrepreneurship ministry for making better infrastructure in the nation.
  • With the announcement of SANKALP program it is estimated that more than 3.5 Cr educated unemployed youths all across the nation would get skill training from the special centers which will be created under this new program.
  • For better governance and to get better results from the SANKALP program, the FM of India announced that there will be over hundred skill training centers will be formed all across the nation, while presenting budget in house.
  • Those upcoming new 100 training centers across the nation will be teaching needed abroad language along with the skills, as it will help the trainers for making better communication with their employers.
  • After the announcement of the SANKALP program, Mr. Jaitley commented that the next step for driving youths will be the Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE), by doing so, the youths will get learned to be focused on their skills.


The programs like SANKALP and STRIVE gives promises as it will provide better results in terms of improving the standards of the youths in the nation. However, proper governance should be done to manage the things going in right path.


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