Apr 132017

SAMPADA Scheme to Support Food Processing Functions

The central government will be launching a new SAMPADA program for food processing needs. This is a new scheme that will be worth Rs. 6,000 crore and will focus on doubling the incomes that farmers around the country earn. It will also help with reducing the total amount of food that is wasted. This is to improve upon how foods are managed around the country.

This scheme is also known as the Scheme for Agro-Marine Produce Processing and the Development of Agro-Processing Clusters. The program is being offered as a means of making it easier for people to get the most out of various food processing functions in the country and should make it easier for farmers to complete many tasks. The general support system is made to help with managing a variety of goals to keep foods ready for all around the country.

Key Parts Of SAMPADA Scheme

Several key aspects of the scheme are designed to be easier to manage without being overly complicated. These include several efforts to create a country-wide setup for handling foods in a careful and organized manner:

  • Post harvest losses are expected to decline through the scheme. The overall goal is to get that total down to zero as well as possible to make it easier for funds to be managed right.
  • About 42 mega food parks are to be established. These are larger food processing areas that will manage crops and other foods that need to be prepared for delivery around the country.
  • About 234 cold chain projects will also be established. These will work with more than 130 lakh tonnes of capacity for handling a variety of tasks relating to handling foods and processing them. The food will be about Rs. 35,000 crore in value.

The effort to reduce post harvest losses is especially important. This comes as about Rs. 92,000 crore is being lost annually on average. Food parks and cold chains will help with managing the waste that is produced, thus improving upon how well the processing functions in the business will operate.

Job Opportunity For the Farmers Under SAMPADA Scheme

The scheme will also help with employing a larger variety of farmers. About Rs. 15,000 crore will be spent on the investment process with about 3.5 lakh new jobs being introduced. About 15 lakh farmers are also expected to benefit from what is being offered, thus adding to the support involved with getting positions ready.

Expected Implementation Date

The plan to get the SAMPADA scheme is expected to work through the 2019-20 fiscal year. This is around the time when the project should be fully finalized and ready to be used. This is especially to create a strong infrastructure to make it easier for farmers to use and take advantage of the many features that come with the program in general.

Investment For the SAMPADA Scheme

The money from this scheme is coming from private entities for the most part. About Rs. 2,200 crore will be raised by private supporters of the program. About Rs. 840 crore will be handled by the ministry. The efforts are being used as a means of keeping the general public from having to spend more money on the program than what the public might be willing to work with.

The general efforts of the SAMPADA scheme will help with getting foods around India ready for all people to consume. This especially comes amid a need to make it easier for the public to get the foods that are required for daily needs and to help improve upon the health and protection of all people in India.


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