Dec 202017

Orissa state e-mobility scheme centre urged to include capital under fame India

The state government of Bhubaneswar has announced the launch of the new scheme termed as the e-mobility scheme. It is a type of bidding scheme that will be offered to the people so as to roll out the facility of applying inviting bids for electric vehicles that can be used for public transportation. Under this scheme the state government of Bhubaneswar has also urged the central government to offer the benefit of Fame India scheme to the City.

Launch Details

  • According to sources the new implementation was made by the state government of Orissa the new implementation has been made by the government.
  • The exact dates of implementation has not yet been declared by the government authorities but is expected to be implemented for fiscal year 2017-18.
  • The Union Ministry has also stated that the state government shall regulate the process of implementation.

Key features under the scheme

  • The process of accepting bids for request of electric vehicles has been made by the state government for centre to implement the scheme within state wide.
  • A complete EOI (Expression of floated interest) was presented by the Heavy industry Ministry to the state government to the municipal corporations and state government officials for implementation.
  • The Ministry ahs also urged the state departments to submit the respective proposals for implementation under the FAME India Scheme state wide.
  • The implementation process has been undertaken with an aim to promote the implementation of e-Mobility within the state.
  • A new proposal was also submitted by the BPTS (Bhubaneswar Puri Transport service) that was made on the behalf of Bhubaneshwar City for implementing and participating in the Scheme for Fame India representation.
  • According to the sources, the new implementation will also ensure that the City gets a chance to participate in the Census 2011 counting.
  • As per the current records the City of Bhubaneswar is already having a population of over one million thus qualifying it for eligibility under the Fame India Scheme.
  • With the new implementation it is obvious that the Bhubaneshwar City is stepping up as one of the most technologically advanced Cities within the country.
  • With the implementation the City would also be one of the Cities that would be identified as making use of green mode of public transportation services.
  • Under the given guidelines the City is also partnering with IFC (International Financial Corporation) with an aim to develop as fully fledge eco city within the country and the state.
  • It shall also be one of the Cities that will promote and regulate introduction of non-motorised transport system within the City.


The state government has already announced a set budget of Rs 105 crore to be implemented for this transformation and introduction of electric mobility system including electric buses and four wheeler passenger transport and three wheeler auto rickshaw.

With the new implementation the City of Bhubaneswar will also step up as city to adopt electric mobility within public transport system. This will also ensure that the city steps up as eco friendly transport city in the country.


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